Chronicles of a Traveling HairDresser

10.12.17 Brain Surgery

Business has been great, sometimes overwhelming! On Sept. 18th this year, I had neurovascular brain surgery.  A stent was inserted to divert blood flow away from an aneurysm that was found this past June. Glad they found it, because there were no symptoms. I will have another procedure next April to make sure everything is alright. My surgeons and his team are truly amazing at what they do. How do you thank people for saving your life … ?

My clients were backed up for 3 weeks. This is my first week back to work and I have received an outpouring of love, patience and understanding from my clients. Its good to be back on the road. Its fall here and the trees are beautiful.

So Grateful to still be here!  Blessing to all… Sali

08.04.16 Is anyone else out there?

The business is going very well.  I think it’s time to consider expansion and not sure which way to go with this. It is still amazing to me that there are no other people really doing this in Denver or the U.S. for that matter … at least not anyone with a web presence that I can find. The ball is in my court and I like that! I hear from new customers every week and I am now booking 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

I have learned so much in the 2.5 years I have been doing this now. I am a pioneer in this new branch of Cosmetology / Senior Care. Really blessed! Thanks for reading ….

04.01.14 StartUp

It was March of 2014 that I decided to start ‘Have Salon Will Travel’. I researched the web looking for Salon Services that targeted Seniors and Special Needs. There wasn’t anyone …  not in Denver, not in Colorado and not that I could see in the USA! I thought that I was missing something so I continued to search for days … nothing.

I decided I would travel to and care for people in their residences, Hospitals and various types of Senior Living Facilities. I networked, built my website, created marketing materials and put the word out there.

Every week, someone else calls me to help and they are thrilled that there is someone out there who can do this! It feels great to be able to provide the care they need. It is rewarding and I have made some great connections with new people.