Chronicles of a Traveling HairDresser

01.17.18 The Real Reason

I was recently asked to write an article with regards to how my work affects the people that I see and care for. This is the article. A Colorado Traveling Salon Stylist ‘THE REAL REASON’ What it would be like to live alone, have a broken arm, the inability to speak well, raise your arm or no mobility on one side of your body. And your only friend just passed away. Every story is unique and countless people are in situations much like this. At the time of starting Have Salon Will Travel, I had practiced Cosmetology for 37 years. After caring for both parents through end of life, I saw the need for Mobile Salon Services in many situations.  Now, fours years passed, I have gained tremendous experience working with numerous mental, emotional and physical challenges. The trick for me on a daily basis is to be ready for whomever and whatever may come my way. Most of my Private Residence calls are for Haircuts and Pedicures. A great looking haircut goes a long way and really cheers people up. I serve up a beautiful haircut that is easy to care for. Looking in the mirror and liking what one see heals in many ways. Seniors call me for a pedicure because they cannot reach their toes, cannot see them or their toenails are catching on their socks. For a senior, a pedicure is about cleanliness and comfort more than a beauty regime, (even thought that is nice). A pedicure is about having the dead skin removed that builds up on the feet and between the toes. Its about toenails that are clean underneath and sharp edges removed from nails that have peculiar growth patterns. For me, as a Cosmetologist, it’s knowing my limits of care and when to […]

12.21.17 Doing Well …

Things are going well for me since the surgery, but some of my dearest clients have passed away. I will miss them. It’s Christmas time and I’m busy with last minute people wanting me to come. I wish you all a Blessed Christmas and the happiest of New Years! Sali

09. 8.17 Neuro Vascular Surgery

On Sept. 18th this year, I had neurovascular brain surgery.  A stent was inserted to divert blood flow away from an aneurysm that was found this past June. Glad they found it, because there were no symptoms. I will have another procedure next April to make sure everything is alright. My surgeons and his team are truly amazing at what they do. How do you thank people for saving your life … ? Business has been great, sometimes overwhelming! My clients were backed up for 3 weeks. This is my first week back to work and I have received an outpouring of love, patience and understanding from my clients. Its good to be back on the road. Its fall here and the trees are beautiful. So Grateful to still be here!  Blessing to all… Sali