Shampooing / Matting


  • Provided only with another service

Approaches to shampooing depends on the mobility of the client. Pricing varies depending on the equipment and set-up time. A portable shampoo bowl on a stand can accommodate those who can sit upright in a chair / wheelchair. An inflatable shampoo unit is used for those unable to lift their head or have limited mobility. A portable pneumatic chair is available, providing extra safety and support when needed.


No charge  – for washing hair over the sink  (requires one to stand for a few minutes)


10.      ( Washing Tray ) –  ( folding chair needed )







15.      Portable Shampoo Bowls  –  Standing or Inflatable








25.     ( Standing Shampoo Bowl & Pneumatic chair )






The experienced of hair matting can be miserable, even painful and becomes worse with shampooing and time. The sooner you recognize this happening, the better your chances are having the matts removed. Don’t hesitate to call and please, do not be embarrassed!  I am here to help!

Pricing varies on the severity of the situation.